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Welcome, welcome, one and all. It’s that time again when we come out of hiding, look to see if it’s Halloween or not, and slink back to our shadowy caverns if it’s not yet.

We like Halloween around here.

At any rate, it’s getting closer and we’ve got news to talk about so sit back, relax, and get ready for our View From the Lake.

(He said the thing!)

First Things First

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from people lately. Most of them are asking why we don’t do a monthly View anymore. Well, we’re busy here doing quite a bit, including adding new sites for your books to be found on, making digital copies more readily available, and even working on videos and advertisements. We don’t always have an abundance of news and we do our best to make our presence known and felt on social media and in our Discord, so we just don’t always feel we have enough to put into a View that makes it worthwhile for everyone.

However, we do want to make sure we keep in touch with people and to that end on Friday, September 13, at 5pm CST, we’ll be on Facebook live doing an AMA and just talking to our friends, fans, and authors. Feel free to drop on by and say hello and ask whatever questions you might have.

Ever Expanding Multiverse

We’ve got some new stuff coming up for you to send submissions to. We’re bringing back a few old favorites and honoring the beginnings of Alban Lake/Sam’s Dot Publishing with yearly and monthly anthologies, with a new digital anthology to boot.

First up, The Martian Wave is coming back. Go check out the submission guidelines here.

Next, we have The Fifth Di… This one will be like Digitally Disturbed: stories will be put directly onto the site as downloads. The guidelines for this one are here.

Finally, we’re adopting one of the oldest Sam’s Dot titles, Spaceports and Spidersilk. This one is for shorter stories and is aimed at kids. Guidelines are here.  The first issue will appear next year.

Spooky Times!

Next month is, of course, Halloween, and as mentioned above we LOVE Halloween. In fact, we have a book we’ve been saving just for Halloween – The Haunted Life. This lovely hardback book can be yours next month and it’s filled to the brim with ghosts, spooks, and tales of the afterlife. Bill has even added a couple of his personal favorite Digitally Disturbed stories to it, so you KNOW it’s got scare potential. This is your last chance to pre-order the book at a discount, so go and get your copy ready early!

Pre-Order Here

MINOR NOTE: While this book is a great read and should be shared with those you think would be interested in creepy and ghostly scares, we find that it’s best not to read from the book aloud. Our lawyers will not let us expand further than that, but we felt it was important to mention here.

New Releases

Upcoming Projects

Haunted Life: October 2019

Pre-order your copy here:

Judas: America Bound: October

Andrée Gendron Coloring Book Collection: October

Specious Skies: November

Sycophant: December

Red Shoe Adventure Club: December

Easy to Travel the Stars: January

The Art of Dying: January

Tea with Death: February

Riding the Junk Train: March

Casualties of War: TBA

Open Wounds Collection: TBA

And that’s about all we have to say about that.

Until next time.

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