Is it March already? I mean, seriously, is it? Our small lake is buried under 12 feet of snow and I don’t remember what the sun looks like. I’m going by what this computer says, it generally seems to know the whats, whens, hows, and sometimes whys.

Anyway, it was a short month last month and the weather slowed us down on deliveries. Honestly, our state and the one right above us was closed for a couple of days last month, and mail service was stopped for a few days. That’s how deep it got. Never fear, though, for we will persevere and continue to deliver your orders as well as the best in independent authors and artists . . .

Just as soon as we dig a hole out our front door.

Moving on . . .

Edit: The newest Scifaikuest has been put up! Check it out here.

Today, in the View . . .

Expanding Our Enterprise or Digging a Bigger Hole for the Lake
Discordant Chats
Convention Plans
The Haunted Life Pre-Order – YOU Make it Better
Open Anthologies
New Releases
Upcoming Publications

Expanding Our Enterprise or Digging a Bigger Hole for the Lake

We’re always doing our best to work for better things for everyone and in order to get some things done and reduce overhead we’ve started both a Patreon and we’re looking into making an IndieGoGo campaign. Both have some great rewards and will go a long way in helping us make more books, get real ISBN’s that link to the book and author and not some random website (I’m looking at you, Create Space), and to get wonderful things to help us get the word out about your books and stories at conventions. Go check it out, won’t you? Donate if you can, and if not, spread the word through your social media. Every little bit helps!

Click here to see our Patreon page and all the delicious rewards you can earn!

Discordant Chats

We’ve had some difficulty finding a good place for forums online. There are all sorts of different kinds for different prices, but we aren’t all that “net savvy” and we aren’t certain what our needs are currently. However, it was suggested that we start a Discord channel by a few people, so we have.

Want to join? Here’s the link!

Convention Plans

Convention season is right around the corner! Our first one of the year is MidSouthCon later this month.

We have a bunch we’re looking to go to, including CoreCon once more. If you have suggestions, please let us know! We’re always looking for more outlets.

The Haunted Life Pre-Order – YOU Make it Better

The Haunted Life anthology – tales of ghosts, spirits, and hauntingly good stories (dad laugh snort) is up for pre-order on the store right now. Our goal is to have it released – in hardback with an ISBN – during the month of October. If we get enough pre-orders, this will be our first official hardback with a dust jacket. You can make it happen. Go and check it out now! Make a difference and make a book just a little bit better with your orders!

Haunted Cover.JPG

Open Anthologies

We have a bunch of anthologies open right now!

Suddenly, Cows!

The Dream-Realms of Cthulhu

Midnight in the Witch’s Kitchen

Catacombs: Martyrs on Earth and Elsewhere

Mini Anthology – Reminder, this one closes the 8th!

Check them out and get writing! We cannot wait to see what you come up with.

New Releases

These two books are up for sale in the bookstore! Check them out and give the authors some love!

In addition, Digitally Disturbed has grown tons and continues to grow nearly every day!

Check it out here!

Upcoming Projects

This list keeps growing with every new author and we could not be more proud.

Kitty Through the Looking Glass by Christina Sng
Sigimmortal by Tom Waguespack – April 2019
The Knocking – April 2019
Generation VI – May 2019
Too Solid Flesh Melts – May 2019
Fantasies, Frightening Things, the Far Beyond – May 2019
Methuselah’s Memoirs – June 2019

We’d like to just say thank you once more. Without you we wouldn’t be able to do what we love.

All the best,

Karen Otto
Managing Editor


Bill Otto
Creative Director

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