May 2019

Earthbound Refugees by Andree Gendron

Happy Spring!

I hope you’re enjoying the gentler weather by now, and that there are flowers popping up in your garden, whether or not it’s in a box, or in the thawing ground.

Our Door art is Earthbound Refugees, by Andree Gendron, and in this issue we also have a haiga, Bionic Dreams, by Dian Duchin Reed.

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A big, Scifaikuest WELCOME to our newest contributors: Dr. Tim Gardiner, Dian Duchin Reed and Marcus Vance!

Crojan spring
all the vari-colored leaves
how can you tell the season?



Untitled scifaiku

transfer student
robot shell
accepting brain waves

Robert Shmigelsky


my alien friend
always lending an ear
how many does she have?

Guy Belleranti


after visiting Earth
tying ribbons
on our antennae

Lauren McBride


no one
to stop me
outer space

Christina Sng


causal loop
couldn’t change it
first time round

Dr Tim Gardiner


pets of extinct genera
from our lab to your home
historic likeness guaranteed

Albert Schlaht


within sight
before our engines died
Proxima Centauri

Christina Sng


the diving bird’s
ripples spread—
leaving the solar system

Dian Duchin Reed


interdimensional drift
paradigm shift

Boson Conference, by WC Roberts


artificial womb
my android wife
births my first child

-William Landis


brown dwarf
slipstream path ways

Roxanne Barbour


sound waves
submerged Titan museums

Roxanne Barbour

HAIGA Bionic Dreams by Dian Duchin Reed


soft whispers
outside my home
shallow graves

Christina Sng


curled up tentacles
avoiding the things
under my bed

Christina Sng


  it was only numbers…

Herb Kauderer

missing moon data
researchers cannot undo
uncaring government


heartbroken message
from a corpse left in the trunk
dead cell phone

Missing You, by WC Roberts


sometimes I break in
watching you when you’re asleep
thank you for the sock

Marcus Vance


crew in frozen sleep
alone in the night

Joshua Hiles


your blood warms my tongue
as rich as dead king Midas
and just as bitter

Marcie Tentchoff


Old Time Music
Herb Kauderer

Cross-sections of soil.
Anthropologist studies
ancient raindrops
or their fossilized imprints
from two billion years ago.


in budding relationships
the plant people of Proxima
once a month
they stalk each other
then take their leaves

Lauren McBride


Busy Work
Herb Kauderer

checking on
space station systems.
Life support persists
long after
life has


spring break
robot shell malfunction

Robert Shmigelsky


airlock manfunction – the silence still deafening



Still in the Family
Herb Kauderer

Giacomo Chinni’s family lived from the sea for as long as anyone could remember, but that was before the world changed, before the seas became cesspools and fish were raised on farms.

So he trained for space, understanding that there would be no returns from the fishing trip, no shelter when radiation storm broke out, no family except those other sailors on a one way trip to another solar system that might, or might not, support life.

Before leaving, he did his duty, making a deposit at the fertility clinic to be preserved as the DNA of the exploring spirit.  And as he prepares for launch, Giacomo wonders if any descendants, never having met the family that spawned them, will still long for the sea, as the Chinni’s always had.

men with sails for
heavenly winds and some
will venture into even that
great void.

        -Johannes Kepler to Galileo Galilei 1610


She labored through the night, wondering how many light years she was traveling from home. While she still wasn’t sure if this was where she wanted to be, her embryonic sac burst at the first sign of light. Gazing into each other’s eyes, mother and child shared visions of other worlds, other lives.

her first word
spoken at birth


MY FAVORITE POEM is by Christina Sng

no one
to stop me
outer space

Christina Sng


As usual, Christina Sng nails it. This is brief, concise, and packs a powerful punch.

Well done, Christina!–t.santitoro, editor


Dr Tim Gardiner is an ecologist, poet and children’s author from Manningtree in Essex, UK. His haiku have been published in literary magazines including Frogpond, Modern Haiku, and The Heron’s Nest. His first collection of haiku, On the Edge, was published by Brambleby Books in 2017. Tim’s debut children’s book, The Voyage of the Queen Bee, was published by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in 2016.

Andrée Gendron lives in Massachusetts but her heart is in Tennessee or thereabouts. She prefers campgrounds and her RV to hotels as a wannabe gypsy. She knows still shots of butterflies don’t fully explain our attraction to them and wonders which human music genre aliens will like best. Check out her site at for samples of her writing, artwork and publishing credits.

Brittany Hause is a linguist and a member of the SFPA. Her poetry has appeared in Star*Line, Abyss & Apex, Rattle, and other publications, and she reviews speculative verse online at

Dian Duchin Reed:  My corner of the world includes the garlic capital of the world, the artichoke capital of the world, and surf city (the real one, not the one with the trademark). It’s a lovely and inspiring place to write, and so I have, everything from user’s guides for Silicon Valley companies to poetry, essays, and articles for magazines. I recently translated Dao De Jing: Laozi’s Ancient Wisdom. Learn more at

Terrie Leigh Relf (AKA semi) is on staff at Alban Lake Publishing where she is known as The Boortean Ambassador to Haura. In addition to being the contest judge and lead editor for the somewhat quarterly drabble contests, she also works on various special projects. Please visit her website at for more intel!

WC Roberts lives in a mobile home up on Bixby Hill, on land that was once the county dump. The only window looks out on a ragged scarecrow standing in a field of straw and dressed in WC’s own discarded clothes. WC dreams of the desert, of finally getting his first television set, and of ravens. Above all, he writes, and has had poems published in _ Scifaikuest, Strange Horizons, Apex, Space & Time Magazine, Silver Blade, Aoife’s Kiss, The Martian Wave, Star*Line_, and others.

Albert Schlaht, a native of Big Sky country, resides in the Rocky Mountains where he enjoys fishing, hiking, and cool mountain breezes that blow down streams, enticing his imagination to

Marcus Vance is a husband, father, writer, and learner.