Your journey has a writer has taken you many places – some you likely never throught you’d have to go. Now it’s time to get some help. You need an outside voice to ensure that you’re story is going well, that there aren’t too many typos, that your characters are enjoyable, and that all this time, effort, and very often tears, blood, and pain have been worth your time.

That’s when you need editors.

Alban Lake Publishing is proud to offer a full range of editing services for everyone’s needs. Our services include proofreading, copy editing, and content editing.

If you’re interested in retaining these services please send an email to [email protected] to set things up. Please do not send the document to be edited until we request it. You will receive a contract that must be accepted before we can begin the work.

We will edit just about anything – books, novellas, stories, even blog posts. However we won’t edit poetry, as it is too subjective a style, and we will not edit school reports of any level.

What We Offer


This is where you will get the cosmetic, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes taken care of. This is not comprehensive editing and does not include re-working text or content and is meant to clean up a finished product.

Content Editing

Consider this when you’re ready for a first or second draft to be read. As content editors we will see how the story flows, make sure the characters seem believable, and help make sure the plot is consistent. It’s help with the story and design without things like proofreading or grammer polishing. We help you look at the big picture with your story and make sure it’s flowing in the right direction.

Copy Editing

When you’re ready to publish you want to use copy editing. This is where the final touches are put on the manuscript and you make sure that you don’t make mistakes such as calling a painting a beautiful seascape in one chapter and then calling it a mountscape in another. We’ll check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling as well as check for consistency, continuity, and loose ends.


We have a strict way we must measure the pages. If your work is not set up like this we reserve the right to change it based on our requirements and charge based on the corrected set up.


Word documents or .rtf format
1 inch margins
12 pt. Times New Roman font
Single line spacing

The prices listed here are for each individual document. Since we work with independent editors around the world we charge a $5 handling fee for all documents as well.

Proofreading: $3 per page
Content Editing: $5 per page
Copy Editing: $7 per page

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