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View From the Lake – November 2019


Welcome to November, folks. In Poland, this month is known as “listopad,” which literally means “leaves fall.” November itself means the 9th month, even though it is actually the 11th. Go figure.  We’ve begun receiving submissions for The Martian Wave and The Fifth Di… However, whenever a publisher moves the furniture around, sometimes things get misplaced. So it is with guidelines. To help you find what you want, here are the guidelines lynx for the two publications.’s see those stories!The same rule regarding publishing furniture applies to a magazine for younger readers, titled: Spaceports & Spidersilk. This used to be [...]

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View From the Lake – October 2019


Hello everyone! Our very own and esteemed Tyree Campbell has a few words he’d like to share with everyone. -Karen Welcome back, folks! We hope you had a good September and are looking forward to the change of seasons as the leaves turn into Van Gogh’s palette. It’s getting to be time to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome in 2020. But we’re not there yet. We still have a few things to do this year. This new website is beautiful but we know for some of you it can be a bit jarring to make changes like [...]

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View From the Lake – September 2019


New Things to Write For Haunted Life Reminder New Releases Upcoming Projects Welcome, welcome, one and all. It’s that time again when we come out of hiding, look to see if it’s Halloween or not, and slink back to our shadowy caverns if it’s not yet. We like Halloween around here. At any rate, it’s getting closer and we’ve got news to talk about so sit back, relax, and get ready for our View From the Lake. (He said the thing!) First Things First We’ve been getting a lot of questions from people lately. Most of them are [...]

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View From the Lake – July 2019


Updated Sites! Meet the New Editors Author Code Changes Our First Audio Download The Closet Anthology Other Anthology News Conventions Representing Yourself and Alban Lake New Releases Upcoming Projects Look at your screen. Now look up. Now look back at your screen. BEHOLD it is the VIEW FROM THE LAKE. Look down. Now look right, now BACK at your screen. Nothing has changed but if you followed my instructions, we know what kind of person you are. Welcome back to those who have come before and welcome to those just joining us. We are Alban Lake Publishing and this is [...]

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View From the Lake – June 2019


Well, well, well. Another month gone by. Hello again, friends, and welcome back to the Lake. We hope things are going well in your part of the world and we’re happy you’re here. We don’t have a lot of announcements this month. Sometimes in life it’s just keep on keeping on. We’re working on a few minor things, such as a new website and hiring some new editors, but overall we’ve just got some new book announcements to share with you. We’re always working hard to keep things going for all of you and working on making new opportunities for [...]

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View From the Lake – May 2019


Hello and welcome once more to all our little neck of the woods. Sorry we’ve been gone for a while but there were strange things afoot. See, this big, bright, yellow thing came out of nowhere and sat in the sky for hours at a time! It scared the socks right offn’ our feets, it did! The snow melted, and the thing decided to stick around, and someone told us it was something called the “sun” but we still think that’s a made up thing from some fantasy novel. Anyway, we’re back and we’ve got news from the Lake (which [...]

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View From the Lake – March 2019


Is it March already? I mean, seriously, is it? Our small lake is buried under 12 feet of snow and I don’t remember what the sun looks like. I’m going by what this computer says, it generally seems to know the whats, whens, hows, and sometimes whys. Anyway, it was a short month last month and the weather slowed us down on deliveries. Honestly, our state and the one right above us was closed for a couple of days last month, and mail service was stopped for a few days. That’s how deep it got. Never fear, though, for we [...]

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Haunted Life – Pre-Order


This book will be released October 1st. Old houses lie abandoned at the side of the road. Some are derelicts that have been abandoned for years. Still, as you drive by, knowing these old houses in the middle of nowhere couldn’t possibly have anything in them bigger than a mouse, you see something out of the corner of your eye. Was that a person? Why were their eyes red? It had to be your imagination. Or could it be something beyond the natural? This is where you enter the Haunted Life. This book is for pre-order only. If we get 50 [...]

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