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Martian Wave

Pioneers in Space Exploration

Pioneers in Space Exploration

The sunrise on Europa was slow, but welcome. Gwen smiled as she heard the solar collectors perk up, followed by the gentle hum of machinery returning to life. It had been a long three days with minimal power to the station but she’d managed to conserve by wearing her exosuit and using some of the stored oxygen that was now in abundance thanks to the mining of the water beneath the rocky surface of Juptier’s moon. It certainly wasn’t easy, but she knew that it would all be worth it if she could continue to build a real atmosphere in the station and eventually the moon itself. She wasn’t the first to spend time building the air on Europa, and she wouldn’t be the last, but she would be among the names listed when humanity traveled to desolate worlds and made them brim with life and abundance.

What We Want

Space. Often cited as being the Final Frontier, we as humans really want to see what’s out there – even if it does have tentacles and acid blood. Our curiosity is leading us ever further from our Earthly bonds and someday we’ll likely be dancing among the stars ourselves, but for now, let us dream. We want your stories about exploring space – in particular exploring and settling our own solar system. We want true science fiction, dreaming of how we’ll live on those planets, how we might explore the great storm of Jupiter, how we might actually find a way to step foot on Mercury, or how we might even one day mine or stabilize our very own sun. Explore the stars with us, and show us the problems, excitement, danger, and thrills of what might be out there and how we might achieve it.

Publishing Details

Lead editor for this publication is Tyree Campbell and this will be published once a year in July.

The Martian Wave is a 6×9 paperback book.

Submission Details

The word count of your story should be between 3,000 and 8,000 words. We will be somewhat flexible on the word limits. Of course, story quality usually overrides word count limitations, usually.

We are looking for original stories only.

We will accept a few black and white images for the interior per issue.

No poetry will be accepted for this publication.


Pay rates for original stories is $25.

Pay for interior images is $10.

Contributors are also eligible to buy additional copies of the book their work appears in at 25% off the cover price, plus S&H at cost.

How to Submit

Submit your work to [email protected]

Be sure to put MARTIAN WAVE and the title of your story in the subject line. As we use this address for most of our anthologies now, we need to know which anthology you are submitting to.

Here’s an example: “MARTIAN WAVE – A New Land”

Your email must contain your name, mailing address, word count, your story’s title, and a brief bio written in the 3rd person.


Mark Vance
685 Shadow Lane
Warwick, RI 02889
[email protected]
PayPal: [email protected]

​Word Count: 4501

If your submission does not include your contact information, Alban Lake Publishing reserves the right to delete your submission unread and without notifying you.

If your contact information changes, please notify us immediately. If we can’t get in touch we cannot print your work.

Your email must contain a short biography (no more than 200 words), word count, and contact information. Please do not include more than three previous publications in the bio.

Submit your work in RTF or DOC format only. Absolutely no DOCX files.

Please, do not put any fancy formatting into your submissions, such as adding your name, title and page number randomly throughout the story, headers and footers, or anything else that might take away from reading and editing. This is because it can cause problems with both reading and editing your submission. It is important to note that style is much different than the above and centering certain parts, bold, or italicized type is acceptable. It takes a great deal of time to read and edit things properly, so if we see things like this Alban Lake Publishing reserves the right to delete your submission unread and without notifying you.

We seek FNASR and exclusive print and electronic rights for one year after date of publication. Email all submissions to [email protected] with manuscript as an attachment. Do not include the story in the body of the email.​ Any questions can be directed to this email as well.

We look forward to working with you.

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