This contest is open indefinitely!

Kids Drabble Contest


It was a weird day.

No one was really ready for it when it happened and we all just kind of panicked for a while.

The ship they came in was silver and sleek. We couldn’t see into the ship with the big green screen on the front, and we certainly weren’t ready for what came out. Six adorable kittens, dressed in little silver space suits walked down the stairs, looking quietly at everyone gathered.

We all jumped as one of them spoke in a booming voice that was far too deep for its tiny form, “Bring us MeowMix now!”

The Contest Theme

The theme for this contest is FIRST CONTACT WITH ALIEN INTELLIGENCE ON ANOTHER PLANET. What does that mean to you? Evil overlords coming to conquer the human race? Humans landing on some distant planet and meeting the indigenous wildlife? A rather large purple titan coming to wipe out half the universe with a snap of his mighty fingers? Whatever it inspires you to write, that’s what you write – just remember to keep it to EXACTLY 100 WORDS!

Publishing Details

Drabble Contests are edited by

This contest is open indefinitely!

Its format is perfect-bound trade paperback, 6×9, color cover and b&w interior.

How to Submit

Submit your work to [email protected].

In the subject line of the e-mail, put Drabble Submission plus your last name and the title of the work submitted.


“Drabble Submission: Asimov Nightfall.”

Submit your drabble in the email body, please, and NOT as an attachment.

The contest is open to those under the age of 17; please indicate your age with your submission.

This contest is open until the book is full! If you’re seeing this, that means the contest is still going.

Next, make sure your contact information is in the upper left corner of your manuscript and in your email. Put the approximate word count in the upper right corner of your manuscript.


Edgar Montrose
1101 Kaboom Street
Mushroom, NY 12117
[email protected]
paypal [if any]:  [email protected]

If your submission does not include your contact information, Alban Lake Publishing reserves the right to delete your submission unread and without notifying you.

Pay for drabbles is 1 cent a word, which means one dollar per drabble.

The first and second place winners will each receive one of our publications. Winners will be announced in the View from the Lake once the contest is ended and the submissions are all read.

We will publish the 20-25 best submissions. Each contributor will receive payment and a contributor’s copy, with the option to buy additional copies at a discount.

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