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Submissions Open
The ClosetOpen to submissions until March 31st, 2020
We want your stories about what it was like having to be in the closet, or when you came out of the closet, and how your life has been affected by being part of the LGBTQ+ community.
Submissions Open
CatacombsMartyrs on Earth and Elsewhere
Catacombs: Martyrs on Earth and Elsewhere is an anthology of stories about fictional martyrs past, present, and future, on Earth or some fictional world. The title is tentative so keep in mind that the final product could have a different title.
Submissions Open
Dream-Realms of CthulhuWhat darkness dwells in the realm of dreams . . .
An integral part of the writings of H.P. Lovecraft dealt with forays into, and results from explorations of, a dream realm. A frequent traveler to that realm, Randolph Carter, brought back many tales of his experiences – of the fantastic cities, the exotic peoples, and the terrible dangers. We want you to tell us more about those realms, but we want the stories to be true to the Lovecraft ideas.

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