We are a publishing company specializing in fantasy, science fiction, horror, and poetry.

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Alban Lake Publishing is a small, independent publisher based in Iowa. Our main goal is to help independent authors get published. We’re currently only a handful of people but we’re working to make things better for everyone all the time.

We currently offer paid editing services but we always try to give our opinions if you follow our submission guidelines. We also sell our books and the books of independent authors in our online bookstore, Infinite Realms Books.

If you are an author looking to get published know that we don’t require any money from you. You simply have to follow our guidelines and meet our quality requirements for publishing condsideration. You only stand to gain by submitting to us.

We will continue to move forward with our goals of helping independent authors and artists find a home and get their work out there. We’re just like you and we hope we can make you happy.

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